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Mar 24, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and eat fish. dad, you could do that. bob, i recall you raise either chinchillas or children. which is it? uh, children. good. i'm focus-testing some ideas. i need a new blockbuster attraction at wonder wharf. why don't you focus-test with the kids down at wonder wharf? those sheep? i've already got their money. besides, these children are a perfect cross-section of american youth. yeah-- boy, girl, and tina. i'm a tastemaker. when i talk, people listen. guys? mr. fischoeder, we're adrenaline junkies. oh. we like our rides pure, uncut, and assembled in "méjico." i want something coming out of here, here, and/or here. the three-hole standard of excellence. wait, walk me through the holes again. let me throw some concepts at you. a bounce house full of jelly. jam slam! try chutney. keep pitching, barnum. scare-ousel-- a carousel where you ride on real horse skeletons. you had me at "horse" but lost me at "horse skeletons." you know, if you're looking for an attraction, this town actually has some interesting movie history. hog wash! not you, bob, it's an idea. slide with the hogs. that's n
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of the past century: but who was cardinal rathsinger, bob mackenzie has moreen with the man who would spend more than a decade as the leader of the catholic church on the day he was chosen. >> reporter: and here he was, the new spiritual leader of 1 billion catholics, a 78-year- old vatican insider joseph rothenger, born in germany. a member of the curia, who run the daily affairs of the church. >> reporter: as the world looked into his eyes and tried to read him, most saw his affirmation as conservative. he most likely won't be a liberalizing leader. today he spoke modestly of his own abilities. >> the cardinals have elected me a symbol, humble worker in the vineyard of the lord. >> reporter: president bush joined other world leaders in welcoming the pope. >> laura and i offer our congratulations to pope benedict xvi. he's a man of great wisdom and knowledge he's a man who serves the lord. and we remember well a sermon at the pope's funeral in rome how his words touched our hearts and the hearts of millions. >> the new faces enormous challenges.
Mar 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
pants, huh? what's wrong with you? what? hey, you're not wearing a costume, bob. i just didn't think i needed to wear a costume. it's not a kids' party. hey, everybody, we've got (rings bell) a party violation over here. what are you doing? bob is not wearing a costume. mike the mailman's not wearing a costume. mike's a bunny. he's not a bunny. i'm a bunny. you have a cotton ball. he has a cotton ball. on your uniform. it's a great idea. now we're gonna get you to the costume closet. ♪ ba, ba, ba, ba, ba we got some sort of chewbacca. no. the sun. no. summer frankenstein. that's not a thing. and, uh, oh... i think we got a winner here. no, no, no. there, all better. now, you don't look so ridiculous. i'll trade you two packets of hot sauce for a fortune cookie. throw in some cough drops and you got a deal. sold. this town is horrible at halloween. we're trick or treating by ourselves for the first time ever; we need to get some real candy. follow me. i know where we can go. we're going where the rich people live. rich people are better at halloween. and skin care. that's why we're go
Mar 24, 2013 6:30pm PDT
, linda. oh. i'm also intolerant of that suspicious-looking bicycle outside, bob. uh, why are you telling me? maybe it's because you're the block captain. but you don't even live on this block. well, i live in the quadrant and i happen to be the quadrant captain. quadrant captain-- did you make that up? did i make up these quadrant captain business cards? why would you do that? i didn't actually mean to. well, pick them up. no, now stand down. that bike has been there for 24 hours and the seat's missing. it's clearly abandoned. fine, i'll take care of it. don't be block-cocky bob, just do it. jerk. gene: nailed him. you trying to steal my bike? no, someone thought it was, um... it's mine. want to see the receipt? (farts) that's not a receipt. where do you shop? i really thought being block captain would be more fun, like i'd have a gun or a taser or something. all i get is this whistle. don't knock the whistle. whistles stop hundreds of c
Mar 23, 2013 5:00am PDT
you more, let's join bob warden and jenny repko at the nuwave test kitchen in chicago. >> let me ask you, do you hate boil-overs and the mess they make in the kitchen? do you hate burnt grilled cheese sandwiches or shriveled-up bacon? >> what about over-fried chicken that's all greasy, or dried-out oatmeal, overdone pork chops or charred steak? >> well, what if i was to tell you that instead, you could now have perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, perfectly browned evenly every single time? >> all that cheese is melted in there, so delicious. >> perfectly melted. and i could have perfectly grilled steaks set at 350 degrees that give me a perfect medium rare steak or however you like it and it's never going to burn. perfect pork chops, and not only pork chops... >> right, salmon grilled vegetables, sausage, perfect every time. >> what if i told you, when you fried your chicken, it was going to be fried at the perfect temperature of 375, gently perfectly, crispy, never soaking up too much oil. >> that's hard to do. >> in fact, that's the problem with the old stovetops whether it's gas or
Mar 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
down like nixon. you know my friend bob saccamano? i thought he was kramer's friend. he called last night about 3 a.m. and we got to talkin'. he sells russian hats down at battery park. 40 bucks. 40 bucks? are they sable? no, but the difference is negligible. oh, yeah i like this idea. all right, let's give it a shot. let's go. giddy-up. it's gettin' cold. it's gettin' cold. that was a close one. why do we have to keep this from jerry? because if jerry finds out i'm hooked on rogers' chicken i'm back in there with the red menace. the hat you charged to the company was sable. this is nutria. well, that's, uh... a kind of sable. no, it's a kind of rat. that's a rat hat? and a poorly made one, even by rat hat standards. i have no choice but to recommend your prompt termination to the board of directors. nothing short of the approval of peterman himself will save you this time. but--but he's in the burmese jungle. and quite mad, too from what i hear. wait a minute. wait a minute. can i fire you? no. so heather called. yeah, but get this. the message said "call me if you have the time."
Mar 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of civil rights activist bob offer. he says officers searched his phone without a warrant after he was arrested for peaceful civil dis bead yen yens. so far no comment from the police department and city attorney. >>> also the district attorney's office has decided at least for now not to charge a man suspected of i killing a newspaper vendor. the da says right now there's not enough evidence to charge mark anthony cassel with murder. police say he lifted 77-year- old dallas airs without warning and then dropped him to the pavement. the long time san francisco chronicle vendor died of his injuries a few weeks later. the da's office says it's not ruling out the possibility of charging cassel some time in the future. in the meantime he remains in custody on unrelated drug and theft charges. >>> grief counselors were available at lincoln high school as word spread that the victim was an eleventh gladier at the school. officials have identified donye as the pedestrian killed on the train tracks. the school's principal said he was known for his love o
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7